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Our charity show “Ukraine Evenings”.

26 of May a charity show “Ukraine Evenings” took place in a Kiev restaurant “SKYBAR”. It has been organised by the founders and ideological, inspirational figures “Mother’s Heart Foundation”: Anna Vergelskaya, Elena Bezuglaya and Yevgenija Tulchevskaya. Our charity fund has been founded quite recently but it has already been noticed by a few volunteers and other people who are ready to help seriously ill children and orphans. We believe that the auction is one of the tools that can bring people closer and the lots themselves become more than a purchasing way. All these will always remind us of someone’s saved life. The host of the evening was Andrey Dzhedzhula, a magazine “” made a partnership and Tona Matvienko, Tatjana Reshetnjak, Rossinkaya and group “Socium” supported the event.
The lots for the charity evening were presented by:
President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko, a Ukraine state and political doer ,the 3rd …

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